Do you wish you were spending your time coaching clients instead of chasing them?

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“I am deeply grateful for Karyn’s insights and ability to stay focused, on track, and on time. All my life I’ve been a juggler, a hustler. I like to think I can do all-the-things. I used to pull my content out at the last minute. And I’m not a half-bad writer. I can do it. But what’s the best use of me?

I was concerned that if someone else wrote my content, my message wouldn’t feel aligned or like me. But after a conversation with Karyn, I knew she ‘got me’ and my message. And I have peace of mind knowing I’m ahead of schedule!” 

-April Cacciatori, Zenspiration Boxes

If you’re working really find one client at a time...

Maybe you’ve gotten your first clients as a coach! But it was A TON of work!

Right now, you’re doing Facebook Lives and DMing people on Instagram and creating webinars and…should you be on Clubhouse and TikTok too?

Maybe you even have an email newsletter because you know it’s a simple way to connect, but you regularly ghost your list, so your potential clients start to forget you even exist.


And the not-great-fit discovery calls are really starting to drain you.

Where are the perfectly-aligned-clients who show up to those calls credit-card-in-hand and ready to hire you?!

I always felt so awkward. I would walk away with a bunch of business cards, and I felt like I might have handed out two! And I’m not even sure I’d remembered to talk about my business. It drained my energy and I would be DONE for the rest of the day.

I knew I needed to market my business differently. I needed a plan that would support my energy.

Before I even got my massage therapy license, I started a blog so people could find my website and schedule an appointment, or sign up for my email list and then read my emails and hire me!

Guess what? It worked!

That’s actually how I signed my first coaching client! She read my website and said “I want that!”

But I also know that writing isn’t everyone’s strong suit. You probably know how important it is to have an email list and connect with your community consistently…

but you…

  • don’t have time

  • might feel like a bad writer—when it’s in your head, it’s great, but when you read what you’ve typed it’s not what you meant

  • don’t know what to write about

  • get crickets when you do send an email

  • think people don’t read email—they do! For every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA, 2019)

That’s where I can help! I’m like a detective when it comes to finding your voice and uncovering the words that your clients need to hear from you!

My bachelor's degree is in sociology, and I took a hefty dose of psychology classes along the way, which means I spent a ton of time studying why we humans do the things we do.

When we work together, I’m listening to how you talk about your business, and I can spot the things your clients need to hear so they say “Yes! I want to work with YOU!” This is my superpower! It just pops out at me.

Then I put it all together—taking all the thoughts and amazingness swirling in your head—and organize it into content to inspire your ideal clients to reach out and hire you!

When you release that task of creating all your own content, you’ll:

  • breathe a HUGE sigh of relief

  • have consistency which opens up the energy and space to connect with clients that can't wait to hire you

  • get to spend your time in your zone of genius—coaching people!

"There's all these things I want to do and I have all these ideas to grow my business! But I don't have the time to do any of them because I want to spend my time with my clients versus all these other things in my business. Karyn helped me take a project off my creative to-do list that had been sitting there for years!

Having this project done is a huge relief. I have more time for my clients, and the worry of having this task forever on my to-do list is gone. It's already created and I don’t have to do anything but share it so people can join my list and get to know me. There’s just an ease and relief."  

-Christine Tauer, honu coaching + bodywork

I work with coaches who know they’re here to make change in the world, but feel limited by the way they’re currently working.

If you’re struggling with consistency and working too damn hard to find clients…

And you're BEYOND ready to create ease in your business so the big vision you’re holding inside can finally come out & shine…

I’ve got you!

It all starts with a Marketing Alignment Session.

When we work together, I’ll find any missing pieces that are making your business harder than it has to be.

The problem could be:

  • people don’t understand what the heck you do

  • it’s not obvious what you offer and why they would want!

  • you might be missing an essential piece of the journey your potential clients need to go from hearing about you to hiring you!

We’ll ditch all thoughts of what you “should” be doing and create a clear path for clients to hire you and one that feels good for you!

At the end of our one-hour session you'll walk away with a simple, doable plan.

Not sure if this is for you? Reach out below.